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Nancy Hyton

Nancy Hyton: Acupuncturist, Herbalist, and Center Founder

Nancy has been practicing since 2000 and founded the Center in 2008.  She is honored to be a member of the first class to graduate from the Asheville acupuncture school, Daoist Traditions.  Nancy is the only acupuncturist in town to include both herbs and therapeutic techniques like cupping and tuina with her sessions at no extra charge.  This is how Chinese medicine is traditionally practiced and she finds that this combination leads to better results in fewer sessions. Nancy conducts focused, one-on-one sessions vs. in a group setting because it optimizes quality of care, giving her access to all of the acupuncture points, allowing privacy for therapeutic techniques, and giving her patients an opportunity to reach deeper levels of relaxation and healing.  She brings a unique background to her practice, having studied philosophy, western herbal medicine, and medicinal plant preservation before Chinese medicine. Nancy finds people to be infinitely fascinating and her style is very relaxed and accessible.  As a trained violinist and jeweler she has a very delicate touch.  
Robert Kochka and Amanda Crowe

Robert Kochka and Amanda Crowe: Massage Therapists

Robert and Amanda have been practicing since 2004 and have been working at the Center since 2009.  They started their careers in spas focusing on massage for relaxation but always maintained their original interest and passion for it as a tool for deeper healing.  Here at the Center they are pleased to be able to focus their practice on the more therapeutic application of massage, integrating deep tissue techniques like trigger point therapy, myofascial release, connective tissue therapy, and neuromuscular therapy.  Their style is focused, deep and slow, releasing the tissues gradually layer by layer. They are highly skilled at working in the space between tension and release, with a developed sensitivity that offers just enough pressure for the tissues to soften and relax.  Robert and Amanda are also specially trained in prenatal massage techniques and, as the parents of two beautiful children, have personally experienced the benefits of this type of bodywork.  They have impeccable bedside manners and are two of the most sincere and dedicated massage therapists that you will ever find.  
Katie Swedrock, Naturopathic Doctor

Welcome Katie Swedrock: Naturopathic Doctor

Katie has been practicing since 2006.  She earned her Bachelor of Science in biology and chemistry from SUNY Geneseo and her Naturopathic Doctorate from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona.  After graduation she had a practice in Miami Beach, Florida but fell in love with the Asheville area while doing an internship at Gaia Herbs in Brevard.  Here at the Center her focus is on offering options for those who are not being helped by prescription drugs or are experiencing negative side effects of their medications.  These options include clinical nutrition, lifestyle counseling and stress management, nutritional supplements, botanical medicine, and homeopathy. Understanding the medical world as well as keeping up to date on current research of natural therapies allows Katie to educate her clients on options that are both safe and effective for a wide range of conditions.   She is currently a teacher at the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine and a faculty member of the alternative medicine program at Everglades University.
Heather Stoll

Welcome Heather Stoll: Energy Healer

Heather has a broad background in energy healing. She has studied Reiki, Quantum Touch, and Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine among others. Along with the aforementioned energy healing modalities she incorporates aromatherapy and crystal healing into her sessions. Heather practices self-healing daily and firmly believes her daily practice is essential to increasing awareness of the body’s energetic fields and increasing the flow of healing energy for her clients. Before moving to Asheville in January of 2015, Heather spent two years traveling the United States in a camper with her husband, twin daughters and the family dog. She began her professional career as a language teacher and was able to live and work in El Salvador, Japan, Brazil, Mexico and in multiple states around the US.
Jenni Sheppard

Welcome Jenni Sheppard: Yoga Therapist

Jenni's yoga journey began in 1995 when she was inspired by the teachings of world-renowned Yogi, Swami Satchidinanda. She began her own personal practice at 19 and what began as a fitness practice has evolved into a way of being. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Trenton State College she completed a 500-hour teacher training through the Integral Yoga Institute. She then went on to study Therapeutic Yoga and began offering private consultations. Using yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation, diet, and cleansing techniques, she shares with her students how they too may connect to their higher selves to live a healthy, balanced, and enriched life. Known for her playful but gentle demeanor, she encourages others to embrace the yogic path, and to open themselves up to positive and useful changes. These body-centered practices focus the attention on what's being felt internally when moving into poses, to allow for the connection between breathing and sensation, rather than avoiding or resisting it, facilitating profound healing and mind-body communion.
Heidi Germano

Welcome Heidi Germano: Counselor

Heidi graduated from Lenoir-Rhyne University with a Masters in Mental Health Counseling. She holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology and has practiced many forms of the healing arts. Currently, Heidi specializes in treating anxiety and grief, as well as relationship and couples therapy. Heidi also specializes in working with adults and children on the Autism Spectrum, including Pervasive Developmental Disorder and Aspergers syndrome.  She practices with a holistic approach rather than from a place of pathology or illness and believes that a diagnosis does not identify a person.  Her focus is not on pathology but on individual strengths, and her highest aim is to be present for those who may be facing challenges or need clarity. 
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